Reusable Cloth
Face Masks

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Besides helping to reduce the spread of Covid-19, these face masks also protect you from particles in the air derived from pollution, winds, sick people in crowded indoor places and public transportation, toxic residues, work place or home cleaning chemicals, etc.

Our Masks

Fits All

We offer four different sizes:

XS (fits most kids 3-7 years old)

(fits most kids 8-13 years old)

(fits most teens 14-19 years old)

(fits most adults) 

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perfect fit size

3 Fabric Layers 

All medium and large size masks have three layers

consisting of:

1. Inner Layer- 100%Cotton

2. Middle Layer- Polypropylene Non Woven Interlining

3.Outer Layer- May consist of 100% Cotton, 50% Cotton/50% Poly, 100% Polyester or a mixture of different fibers.

For fabric specifications, check the masks description.


All of our masks are washable.

After the first use, we recommend putting the masks in hot water and letting them soak for a few minutes every time before washing them.

Washing instructions are on the back of the mask label.

What We Stand For

Welcome to SSS Face Masks, part of Sunrise Sewing Services.


We are a familiy run business since 2014, specializing in industrial sewing services. We are offering a big selection of reusable face masks made mainly out of 100% cotton fabrics.


  • Our masks are designed to fit every person's face.

  • Most of our masks have three layers consisting of two fabric layers, inner and outer, and a non woven polypropylene interlining layer in between that gives a steady shape to the masks.

  • They are available for everyone in different sizes.

  • Our masks also have two 1/8" Poly Braid Flat Elastics that go around the head. They make our masks to fit perfect on your face and to not make too much pressure on the back of your head.

  • They are also more useful for people with hearing aids or sensitive ears.

  • We used good materials that will last a long period of time.

  • Our masks are Made in USA.


We hope you enjoy our products and thank you in advance for your support!



Sunrise Sewing Services Staff